Contrary to popular belief, effective studying cannot be accomplished anywhere.  The place you study should be comfortable enough that you donít become fatigued or strained, but not so comfortable that you fall asleep or begin to daydream.  It should be free of distractions, including television, conversations, loud noises, moving objects (including people walking by), a telephone, etc.  It should have good, but adjustable, lighting.  You should be able reach this spot from your ordinary daily routine in a moment, and you should be able to leave it just as quickly without having to gather things, fold things, put things away, or turn too many things off. It should be equipped with a good dictionary, a book of quotations, access to the internet, a printer, a supply of stationery (pens, pencils, paper, magic markers, paperclips, glue, blank CDs), required textbooks, workbooks and your notebooks for the courses you are taking.  You should be able to spread out books and papers to read without disturbing your keyboard or your computer screen. You should be able to leave your study space with a minimal amount of time spent cleaning up, and you should be able to return to it using only a minimal amount of time to set up.


Be careful about building in distractions in your space.  While it may be an asset to have a phone handy, it might also be a distraction.  If it is the latter, consider turning off your cell phone while you study or ignoring your house phone if it rings.  Television is usually a large distraction, and you should probably put as much distance as possible between it an your study space.  In fact it might be more productive to think of TV watching as a reward you give yourself for studying.  Many students find music to help when they need to concentrate.  You should carefully examine if this is true or if having no music while you study provides better results.  If music helps, consider earphones, because they will help you isolate yourself into your study zone. 


Surround yourself with objects that remind you of what you are studying.