The lecture schedule further below lists each Monday and Friday during the Fall, 2016, semester at SCCC.  If there is no class that day, this is indicated accordingly in bold type.  Other special dates, such as quizzes, exams or dates that assignments are due, are also listed in bold type or red.


Please note that quizzes and exams can be prepared for in advance.  The quiz questions are all taken verbatim from information i.n the textbook .  Questions for the midterm are similar to those located in this web site.  The questions for the final exam are taken from a universe of questions that will be discussed in class.  All questions for both the midterm exam and the final exam are taken from a Test Bank prepared by the authors of our textbook.


You will need Scantron forms for the midterm and the final exam, which each contain one hundred multiple choice questions.  These will be provided by SCCC from your professor. You should bring extras in case you efface one during the exam.


ALL in-class tests in my class require Scantron forms.  Each quiz contains twenty multiple choice questions covering two sides of a page. The printed test sheets must be turned in with the Scantron, and ARE NOT TO BE MARKED in any way since they must be reused.


You are expected to arrive on time for quizzes and exams.  Quizzes are given at the beginning of the class.  If you are late and miss the quiz, you will have a "0" entered as your grade for that quiz.  If you are late but are still able to begin the quiz, you will not be given extra time to complete it. You will not be permitted to "make up" a quiz.


On the dates that we prepare for the midterm exam and the final exam (See schedule below for specific dates) you should bring your printed exam preparation material to class with you or have the ability to view it online with a laptop, tablet or phone while in class.  You should print and work on these questions (found on this web site) on a WEEKLY basis.  If you wait until the night before the review to print them out you will find that it is a large chore.


When you arrive for a lecture you should have either read, or prepared an outline of, the chapter covered by the lecture.  The best method is probably to print your outline and then add notes during the lecture.


November 2, 2016, is the last date to drop the course on your own.  After that date you are required to have me sign a form that you obtain from the Registrar to drop the course (failure to follow this procedure may cause you to be automatically assigned a grade of "WF", which counts on your transcript as an "F.")  AFTER I SIGN THIS FORM YOU MUST RETURN IT TO THE REGISTRAR. If you are considering dropping the course I welcome you to speak with me first in order to explore if this step is really necessary. NOTE: Before you make a decision to withdraw from class (take a grade of "W"), you should visit the Office of Student Affairs to discuss with an advisor the impact this decision may have on your academic standing, student loans, veterans' benefits or immigration status.


IMPORTANT DATES For Fall, 2016 Semester:



First class:  August 29

Note: If you are enrolled for the course on this date you are expected to attend; if you are absent, the absence will count.        

Last class: May 20 (NOTE: this is a Tuesday ("Conversion Day")

Note: You may be excused from the last class and the final exam if you have perfect attendance and have achieved a grade of 90 or more on all your work.     

Make-up days:  Thu 12/27 & Fri 12/23 OR Other Days To Be Determined by SCCC Administration

Note: These are not optional; if classes are cancelled for any reason during the semester, the college administration will usually designate that they be held on these dates; you and I are obligated to attend.

Quizzes: September 30, November 18, December 16

Note: only your two highest quiz grades count (though you must obtain 90 or better on ALL THREE if you wish to be excused from the final exam).      

Midterm Exam:  October 24

Final Exam: December 20 (NOTE: this is a TUESDAY)

Note: Friday,

December 6, will be spent reviewing practice questions found elsewhere on this website.

Semester ESSAY due: November 21

Note: There are severe penalties for submitting  this project late.

Each semester about two of my students FAIL the course because they have not handed in anything to satisfy the requirement to complete this assignment. If you are having a particularly tough time completing this assignment, SEE ME rather than allowing yourself to FAIL. You must hand me something you call "a scrapbook" no matter how bad you might think it is in order to avoid failing the course.

No class on:   September 5, October 3, November 11, November 25

December 20, is "CONVERSION DAY," which means we have class that week on Monday, AND TUESDAY (our last day of class and the Final Exam)

Deadline to withdraw:  November 2

Note: This is the last date upon which you may withdraw from class without academic penalty. If you wish to withdraw after this date you must secure a withdrawal slip from the Registrar's Office and have me sign it. You must then return it to the Registrar. After this date, failure to follow this procedure may result in your being automatically graded as "F" for this course.





DATE           SUBJECT OF LECTURE                                                           CHAPTERS




09/02/16       DEFINITION OF PSYCHOLOGY                                                          1


09/05/16       LABOR DAY – NO CLASS


09/09/16       HISTORY OF PSYCHOLOGY                                                              1


09/12/16       RESEARCH IN PSYCHOLOGY                                                            1


09/16/16       PHYSIOLOGICAL ASPECTS                                                                2


09/19/16       NERVOUS SYSTEM                                                                             2


09/23/16       SENSATION AND PERCEPTION                                                         3


09/26/16       CONSCIOUSNESS                                                                               4

                     FIRST QUIZ  (COVERS CHAPTERS 1 THROUGH 4)*        


09/30/16       CONSCIOUSNESS  AND LEARNING                                                4,5 


10/03/16       ROSH HASHANA  -  NO CLASS                                                 


10/07/16       LEARNING                                                                                            5                           


10/10/16       MEMORY                                                                                              6                                                                                


10/14/16       THINKING AND LANGUAGE                                                                7                                                       


10/17/16       THINKING AND LANGUAGE                                                                7         


10/21/16       MOTIVATION AND EMOTION                                                              8


10/24/16       PREPARE FOR MIDTERM EXAMINATION (print prep questions and bring to class or access professor’s web site by smart phone or laptop)


10/28/16       MIDTERM EXAM (SCCC will supply a Scantron form. Bring a supply of #2 pencils as well as a hand sharpener)


10/31/16       LIFESPAN PSYCHOLOGY                                                                  9

NOTE:  November 2, 2016 is the last day to withdraw from classes without academic penalty.


11/04/16        LIFESPAN PSYCHOLOGY (continued)                                              9


11/07/16        GENDER AND SEXUALITY                                                              10


11/11/16        VETERANS’ DAY – NO CLASSES


11/14/16        PERSONALITY                                                                                 11


11/18/16        PERSONALITY (continued)                                                              11

                      SECOND QUIZ (COVERS CHAP 5 THROUGH 11)*


11/21/16        SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY                                                                   12                                      

                      ESSAYS DUE (5 points off for each class late)




11/28/16        STRESS, HEALTH & COPING  (continued)                                     13


12/02/16        PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS                                                      14                                     


12/05/16        PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS (continued)                                   14                                                                


12/09/16        THERAPIES                                                                                      15


12/12/16        THERAPIES     (continued)                                                               15


12/16/16        THIRD QUIZ   (COVERS CHAP 12 THROUGH 15)* 



12/19/16        Prepare for Final (print prep questions and bring to class)



                      (OPTIONAL: Extra credit essays due THIS DATE)

*Regular Tuesday classes are cancelled and Friday classes are held instead.


NOTE:  Thursday , December 20,  and  Friday, December 21, are scheduled as make-up days in the event that classes are cancelled by the SCCC Administration during the Fall, 2012, semester.  In such event, missing these days, or others designated by the SCCC Administration,  WILL COUNT as an absence.