Welcome to Lifespan Psychology. 

This five week summer course meets four nights per week (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) for two hours each evening (6:00 to 8:00 PM).  While it may seem a chore to attend a class in the Summer, many find it quite the opposite.  Meeting four evenings per week tends to build a sense of comradery and enthusiasm amongst the students that is rarely experienced in classes that meet once or twice per week. Many find the atmosphere to be more relaxed.  In addition, Lifespan Psychology is a wonderful subject because it explores life stages and the many ways of viewing them.  And best of all for those of you who know me from Intro: NO SCRAPBOOK ASSIGNMENT!



Special dates for the Summer, 2012, SECOND five week semester:

Classes Begin:   July 5               Classes End:   August 7                  Last Date to Withdraw:  July 23

      Final Exam:  August 7            Essays Due:   July 12, July 25        Quiz Dates:  July 11,17,23,26 August 1



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