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The internet is a treasure trove of fascinating information.  I especially like You Tube – I can surf it for hours at a time.  As I encounter links that are relevant to the chapters and subjects that we will examine this semester, I will try to place them here so that you can go directly to them. I will add comments when I have time.


If you have found some internet pieces that you believe would be relevant to psychology and of interest to me or your class mates, e-mail me a link at  In your e-mail tell me why you think the link is relevant and let me know if you want me to credit you here for sending it.





Chapter 1

Introduction and Research Methods


Psychological Experiments



Names to Know


Wilhelm Wundt

Edward Titchener

William James

G. Stanley Hall

Sigmund Freud

Mary Whiton Calkins

Ivan Pavlov

John B. Watson

Edward Lee Thorndike

B. F. Skinner

Carl Rogers

Abraham Maslow


For their August, 2004, issue, Gourmet Magazine contracts with David Foster Wallace to cover the Maine Lobster Festival (MLF).  Little did they know they would end up with one of the greatest essays in modern American literature.  That it was published is a credit to the magazine, because even those who ridicule People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) may become vegans after reading this work of genius about the ethics of pain and the responsibilities of being human. Click here for a great read:

David Foster Wallace on the ethical treatment of animals.



Chapter 2

Neuroscience and Behavior


Names to Know


Pierre Paul Broca

Karl Wernicke

Roger Sperry




Chapter 3

Sensation and Perception


The Stroop Effect:




Names to Know


Max Werteheimer



Chapter 4

Consciousness and Its Variations




Names to Know





Chapter 5



Training a cat to use the toilet bowl:





Names to Know


Albert Bandura

John Garcia

Edward Lee Thorndike





Chapter 6



False memories:


 Foer, Joshua: Moonwalking with Einstein: The Art and Science of Remembering Everything

is a memoir by a free lance reporter who became interested in feats of memory and ultimately became the winner of the 2006 US Memory Championship, in which contestants compete to remember the exact order of a randomly shuffled deck of cards in the shortest time.

See MY Times Magazine article, "Secrets of a Mind Gamer" of Feb 20, 2011 at:




Names to Know:


Hermann Ebbinghaus

Elizabeth F. Loftus

George Sperling





Chapter 7

Thinking, Language and Intelligence




Names to Know


Alfred Binet

Robert Sternberg

Lewis Terman

David Wechsler




Chapter 8

Motivation and Emotion




Names to Know


Walter Cannon

Charles Darwin

William James

Richard Lazarus

Abraham Maslow





Chapter 9

Lifespan Development


Bonding and Attachment




Effects of Corporal Punishment and Harsh Parenting




Names to Know






Chapter 10

Gender and Sexuality




Names to Know





Chapter 11





Chapter 12

Social Psychology


How Far Would Go To Obey an Authority Figure?


Are You a Noncomformist?


 Was Kitty Genovese REALLY the victim of "bystander apathy"?





Names to Know






Chapter 13

Stress, Health and Coping


Reducing Stress





Names to Know






Chapter 14

Psychological Disorders


Paraphilias and the “normal” box


Conversion and hysterical Disorders

The Mystery Of 18 Twitching Teenagers in LeRoy, NY


The New DSM5 - Coming May of 2013: Cloud, John. "What Counts As Crazy?" TIME Magazine, March 19, 2012  (You can read this at IF you are a subscriber.) This short article provides a brief summary of the problems, frustrations and controversies involved in writing an update of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the A.P.A. ("The DSM")



Are we on the brink of a reliable and valid clinical test that can predict suicidal behavior?


Names to Know






Chapter 15



What is a “Dysfunctional Family”?





Names to Know








Appendix A





Appendix B

Industrial/Organization Psychology


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