Suffolk County Community College



Psy 210                                                                                                                                                Developmental Psychology

Richard Morse                                                                                                                                               First Essay Question



This essay is to be based on Berger’s The Developing Person (7th Edition), pages 7 through 12.  Using your own life as an example, explore the ways in which Berger’s “Five Characteristics of Development” apply to you as an individual. In this essay you are required to include at least two of the following three elements: “The Historical Context,” “The Socioeconomic Context,” and “Ethnicity, Race and Income.”    


Answer in your own words. Quotations are permitted, but should not be overused.  They must be clearly identified and credited. Quotations are NOT required - in fact they are discouraged. This is not a research paper. However, even if no sources are used, it is important to name any important theorists who have contributed to the subject about which you are writing. The contents of your essay will be confidential.


Correct spelling and grammatical usage are required.  Work not meeting a second year college level may lose points or be returned to the student for further work.


All essays MUST be submitted in double spaced, typewritten form. Please do NOT include fancy script, colors or illustrations. Keep within the word limit provided below. (Each double spaced page contains about 250 words.) Each page of your work should have your name on it.  Use ONE staple to hold your pages together and DO NOT USE ANY TYPE OF DOCUMENT JACKET.


NOTE: This is the first of two essay assignments.  The two assignments combined must contain a total of at least six typewritten pages.  (See Essay II for the second set of essays.)  Each set will count toward 10% of your final grade for the course.