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Psy 210                                                                                                                                                        Lifespan Psychology

Richard Morse                                                                                                                                Essay Questions – Second Set


The following essay question is the second of two essay assignments required this semester.  Read the question carefully before answering.  Be sure your answer restates the question.  Answer in your own words. Quotations are permitted, but should not be overused.  If used they must be clearly identified and credited. (Quotations are NOT required - in fact they are discouraged.) Keep in mind that even if no sources are used, it is always important to name any important theorists who have contributed to the subject about which you are writing.


Correct spelling and grammatical usage are required.  Work not meeting a second year college level may lose points or be returned to the student for further work.


All essays MUST be submitted in double spaced, typewritten form. (Do not submit your essay via e-mail.) The combined length of both your first and second essays must equal at least six pages (approximately1500 words).  Try not to exceed this word limit if possible. Each page of your work should have your name on it.  Use ONE staple in the upper left corner to hold your pages together and DO NOT USE ANY TYPE OF DOCUMENT JACKET.


NOTE: This is the second of two essay assignments.  This assignment must contain a total of at least two typewritten pages.  Each essay set will count toward 10% of your total grade for the course.


CONSULT THE COURSE OUTLINE FOR THE DUE DATE OF THIS ASSIGNMENT.  Five points are deducted for each class period that it is late.  If it is NOT handed in by the conclusion of the course you will be awarded an “F” for the course no matter how well you have performed on tests and class participation.


The Essay


Select one of the textbook’s “grand theories.”  Explain the historical setting in which this theory was developed and describe specific aspects of the theory that relate to the era in which it was developed.  Identify the period in history during which the theory you have selected reached its highest influence, and explore the reasons why it reached its peak in this period. Be sure to identify other theories that helped give rise to the theory you have selected, as well as movements that developed as outgrowths or historical descendents of the theory you have chosen.