This area of the web site is to be used for Introduction to Psychology students.  Click on the buttons below for links to various activities.  This site should be used to consult the syllabus (Course Outline), prepare for tests and quizzes, work on the semester project, calculate your grade, read your professor's advice about how to study most efficiently and to learn about extra credit.  As I add or delete items I will inform you in class.  I will also set up internet links that may be helpful.  Click on the menu bar to proceed:

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IMPORTANT DATES Fall 2016 Semester: 

First class:  August 29      Last class: TUESDAY December 20*  Make-up days:  Thursday 12/22, Friday 12/23

Quizzes: 9/30, 11/18, 12/16   Midterm Exam:  October 24   Final Exam: TUESDAY* December 20

Semester Essay due: November 21     No class on:  September 5, October 3, November 11, November 25

Deadline to withdraw:  November 2

*IMPORTANT NOTE: We WILL have class on Tuesday, December 20  ("Conversion Day")