There are a total of five tests administered in this course: three quizzes with twenty questions each, and two examinations with one hundred questions each.  All questions are multiple choice.  All of the tests require the use of a Scantron form to answer the questions.

You have the opportunity to examine every test question used in this course. All three quizzes use questions taken verbatim from the section at the end of each chapter on the textbook web site titled "Quiz 1."  The quizzes are discreet as apposed to cumulative, meaning that each one covers a specific sequence of chapters - once you have taken the quiz for those chapters you will never be quizzed on them again. Therefore if you use access the textbook web site and test yourself using the quiz questions provided, you should be well prepared for the quizzes when you take them in class. See the course syllabus to discover which specific chapters each quiz covers , as well as the date that they will be given in class. Only your two highest quiz grades count toward determining your final grade for the course (though to qualify to skip the final exam you must achieve a 90 or better on ALL work submitted for grading, including ALL THREE quizzes.

The Midterm Examination and the Final Examination each contain 100 multiple choice questions.  All the questions included on these two exams are contained in the Test Preparation questions that are listed by chapter in the menus below.  The questions below have been selected from a test bank compiled under the supervision of the author of our textbook.  ALL the questions included on the exams can be found in these menus. While each of the chapters contains between 50 and 75 Practice Questions, obviously only approximately ten from each chapter can be included on the midterm and the final.  The midterm exam contains only questions from chapters 1 through 10, while the final includes about 20 questions from the first ten chapters and the remaining 80 questions from the remaining chapters. In the class sessions that immediately precede the dates of the midterm and the final wide will devote time to examining some of the questions in order to prepare for the exam.  You are required to bring the printed questions with you to class that day or to access them in the classroom via a portable electronic device (smart phone, tablet, laptop computer, notebook computer, etc.).

Click on the menu bars below to find the prep questions from each chapter.  The questions include the textbook page number where the answer to the question can be found, but not the answer itself.  I f you wish to have the answer key for a particular chapter, send me an e-mail with your proposed answers.  In response I will send you the key for that chapter.     

                                                       Midterm Exam Practice Questions           Final Exam Practice Questions